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Sunday, February 3, 2008

NEW VISION YOUTH KIDS PRESENT: 5th Annual Black History Program at the Kingsport Renaissance Center

THEME: "Mis-Education of the Negro"

The 5th Annual Black History Program featured lots of gospel music, lots of spiritual praise, and the inspirational message "What Must We Do To Reclaim Our Righteous Minds."

The message delivered by Kingsport-Riverview Native and D-B Graduate Jeff Faulkerson, whose Bachelor's Degree from UT is in Social Work, and whose Master's Degree from the same school, is in Social Work Management and Community Practice. Jeff, the founder, President and C.E.O of Practical Solutions, is the author of "Raising My V.O.I.C.E." (a collection of selected writings). He challeneged parents during this 2008 Black History Month, to be their Children's First Teachers.

"Many young people are spiraling down a path of destruction," Jeff told the packed theater in the Kingsport Renaissance Center, "and as a parent, my role to my son is to teach him to ATTACK life, to get what they achieve to get."

"(As African-Americans), we also have a unique history that we should embrace," Jeff also told the audience. "Many of the misconceptions about us, come from what we have been conditioned to believe, most of of our lifes, he said. Jeff said, as parents, we have to start early to guide our children through those misconceptions.

During a "Black History Moment," Dr. Ivy McWhirter who is employed by Blue Ridge Internal Medicine," shared with the group selected readings of Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou. Her rousing interpretations of the works of our famous African-American writers, stirred many reverent feelings for many of the everyday ideas we all live, and routinely take for granted.

Several praise teams from various local ministries delivered soul-stirring dance interpretations from the Bible. The "For His Glory" Praise Dancers had the audience clapping to the beat, as the youthful dancers performed.

The Praise Dancers from the Hales Chapel Methodist Church took the audience back to the church of old, in their rendition of songs many in the crowd remember from their childhood. The colorful dress only added to the reverence of the moment, and prompted spontaneous applause.

The "Anointed" Praise team from the Power Plant Ministries, also inspired the audience with a Native American dance that usually prompted the skies to open up with the Rain from Heaven.

Our own New Vision Youth Praise Dancers also dazzled listeners, with the challenge that only the Youth of Tomorrow can inspire.

Other musical selections came from the New Beginning Gospel Quartet, taking the audience back to church with "Cooling Water" and "Holy City, New Jerusalem," both crowd favorites.

Honored at the event for their competition for Little Miss Vision, were New Vision Youth Haley Payne, Tytiania Williams, Ta-Tionna White, Shikirah Antela Long, Maleeka Carpenter, Jada Patrick, Makyiah Goodwin, Jasmyn Miller, Yehiela Watts, Second Place Willer Jayla Brooks, 1st Runner Up Lynn Miller, and Jazmyn Lillard, winner of the Little Miss Vision Pageant for 2007.

Christian comedian Tim Hall had the audience in stitches, as he related the PROPER way for black folk to treat the bereaved at funerals. ("Y'all stop starin' at them people when they walk in on their bereavement march!"). He also related the black perspective on love offerings ("y'all ever ask your sister-in-law loan to loan 10-15 dollars? You call to make sure, and she goes 'Johnny's (your brother's) in here right now' and then softly 'I got that under the mat in the bathroom. You get it, and to the side, start counting it, one, two, three, four, five.. GIRL, you know I said I needed more than this!).

The audience just howled.

At the end of the evening, all program participants received a special recognition from New Vision Youth Director Johnnie Mae Swaggerty and the New Vision Youth.