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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sign of the Times in Eastern Hawkins County

Sometimes when you take two steps forward, somebody shoves you back three or four.

I ran across this sign while riding around Sunday, August 10, 2008 in Eastern Hawkins County, taking pictures for the articles on the African-American heritage in that area.. a legacy we all share.

Yes friends.. this sign is posted in the year 2008.

Not 1948, or 1955, or 1964.


The sign has apparently been there for some time. I got out of the car and examined it closely because of the fading, and it appears to me that something had been spray-painted over it previously, and somebody scrubbed that off. The culprit apparently then came back later and sprayed-painted it again.

Although I am including the sign in a couple of articles, I feel it necessary to give it highlight this sign by itself.

It's absolutely amazing to me that in this day and time, there are still people who either still think like this, or allow their children or grandchildren to think like this. In a time when we are all judged by how we conduct ourselves around others, there are still some people who STILL don't give black people respect.

It may have been spray-painted as a joke. It is not funny.
It may have been spray-painted out of hate. God teaches me to love the person who hates me.
It may have been spray-painted out of disrepect. It is not respectful.
It may have been spray-painted out of ignorance. It is as ignorant as the painter.
It may have been spray-painted from peer pressure. It is the reason new friends are needed.

Take care. There are still some people here at home right in our own backyard, who think African-Americans should be neither seen, nor heard.