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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Please Access BLOGGER, BLOGSPOT and WEBSHOTS Only Through the Douglass Website


To readers who access this page through BLOGGER or BLOGSPOT, please access this page through the Douglass Website,, our non-profit .ORG website address.

The Douglass Alumni Association keeps track of visitors to its website at the above web address, and when you access it through BLOGGER or BLOGSPOT alone through either a link on your desktop, or just by typing in the BLOGGER or BLOGSPOT address in your address bar, that action bypasses the Douglass website, and we don't get credit for the visit.  BLOGGER and BLOGSPOT are .COM websites, which are for-profit sites, although we can use them for non-profit.  We just cannot track visitors who visit through them.

The same goes for WEBSHOTS, which is another website that we use to post pictures for the Photo Gallery.  Webshots is also a pay site.

If you have this page or WEBSHOTS saved as a direct link on your computer, please delete those links and visit through the Sons and Daughters of Douglass website. 

The alternative to making sure we get credit for visits through the website, is to change our non-profit website to a pay site, which means canceling the Douglass website's non-profit main page, and changing to a for-profit website, and charging a nominal fee for upkeep.
This can be avoided if you'll please access the website features through the non-profit website address,

Please help us keep your free Douglass website free by only accessing news and photos through our website's address.  That helps our non-profit status.
Thanks for your cooperation!