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Monday, July 2, 2007

2007 DOUGLASS REUNION:Goodbye 'Til We Meet Again!



Sometimes when good friends get together, time goes by so quickly because you're having so much fun, you just don't want the socializing to end.
In what's become its own event itself after the Douglass High School Reunion, alumni friends and loved ones gather for one last toast.. one last "high five".. one more chance to reminesce about those magical times that formed a neighborhood, an alliance, a true human bond.
The official "goodbye" was held at O'Charley's in Kingsport, where, if you notice the photos in the Photo Gallery, there were a lot of brother-brother, sister-sister, and brother-sister combinations, indicating the family atmosphere of all of the Douglass Reunions.
Oh, if we could just bottle up the memories of our all growing up together, with the fellowship and renewed friendships during Reunion 2007.. Our ranks are dwindling every month it seems like, and all we have left are our memories.
Please pray for each other to have continued health, and please stay in contact. Keep those communication lines open and available.
Always remember.. your Douglass Alumni Association website will be here, if it be God's Will. Watch for updates, pictures and remembrances, because I will always have them. If you have pictures of this year's Reunion you'd like to share with others (I can add any photos to the Photo Album of any particular event and I'm always looking to share others' pictures), or any information that others in the community need to know about (news stories, event information, singing concerts, benefits, obituaries, etc.), please send them to me (photo attachments in the JPEG format), and we will get that information out to everybody. I have some wonderful articles planned, and other pictures and videos that capture our Douglass-Riverview-South Central Kingsport experience.
Continue making your website a sounding board for change in our community, and an information source to let others in the community and the area know what WE are doing.
'Til we meet again!